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Just because your Pregnant doesn’t mean you can not self induldge, this is the best excuse to get yourself pampered! One of our amazing  facials can work wonders when it comes to clearing pores clogged by extra oil – the result of those crazy hormones. But in addition to being oily (or dry or a combination of both) your skin is extra-sensitive during pregnancy so you need to  avoid abrasive treatments which may do more harm than good right now. Also off-limits: aromatherapy, retinoids (chemical peels), and hot stones. Instead, you choose options that emphasize relaxation, and save the deep cleansing, peels, electronic stimulation, or deep extraction for a post delivery treat. Speak to one of trained therapist to find the best treatment for you.

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How to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling exhausted

A woman’s body during pregnancy is an extraordinary thing. While it’s working double time to grow a baby, it’s important to listen to what it needs and take care of yourself. Fatigue is a very common side-effect of pregnancy and there are things you can do to ease it. People assume massage is only for relaxation, but it has therapeutic values that go way beyond that. The ELEMIS Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-be treatment re-energises, stimulates lymphatic circulation and improves body tone and texture. The result is that it induces sleep – proper, nurturing sleep that will help get rid of that sluggish feeling you may experience when your body hasn’t been able to rest properly.
As no two women carry a baby in the same way, this massage can be performed with the mother-to-be on a specially designed beanbag to adapt and mould to the shape of the body. In this way, it alleviates pressure on the lower back and any swelling in the hands and feet, as well as supporting the upper back and knees, giving maximum comfort for expecting mothers.
The ELEMIS therapists not only receive in-depth training of how a woman’s body changes through each trimester, but are also highly intuitive when it comes to performing the massage, focusing on any problems a woman may be experiencing. No essential oils are used – instead, ELEMIS opts for a light Japanese Camellia oil, which is totally safe for pregnant women.
ELEMIS takes great pride in supporting women during this unique experience. Let us use the extraordinary power of touch to take care of you while you take care of your growing baby.

Hormonal skin on your face – what can I safely use?

With the ever-changing flow of hormones throughout a pregnancy, the skin can experience all kinds of problems and concerns. Dehydration is common as the skin stretches to accommodate a growing bump and the skin on the face can also become prone to hormone-induced blemishes as well as dry areas.
image001Rich in anti-oxidants and radiance-restoring Moringa Oil, the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules deliver a nourishing, hydrating boost to skin that is navigating all these changes. Use the pink capsule on clean skin in the morning after cleansing and toning and before applying a moisturiser. Pigmentation often occurs during pregnancy and the Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum works to rebalance and reduce these areas. You can use it over the Recovery Capsules or under your morning and evening moisturiser.

For specifically focused emergencies, which inevitably crop up from time to time, the SOS Emergency Cream can be used either as a full-face moisturiser or on targeted areas. It even works as a nappy rash cream, as it is packed with lavender, a natural anti-inflammatory. That’s why we call it the ‘ELEMIS ambulance in a bottle’.

For a really detailed study on exactly what your skin needs, it’s a good idea to visit the ELEMIS skin lab in the early stages of pregnancy to help you anticipate what your skin is going to need. As skin tends to behave differently throughout each trimester, having a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening and which products to use, such as oil-free moisturisers and using a proper toner can all help to control erratic hormonal changes.
Feel confident about how your skin looks during pregnancy. ELEMIS can support you all the way.


Stretch marks on your body – what can I safely use?

image002The skin is a truly remarkable organ. As it stretches to accommodate a growing baby, you can often experience dehydration and itchiness as nourishment and nutrients are prioritised for your baby. Keeping the body deeply moisturised, supple and elastic becomes even more important – but what you can use on the skin changes. ELEMIS recommends switching from a body moisturiser to a body oil, like the Japanese Camellia oil. The deliciously blended oil contains a pro-plant collagen, which supports the skin’s elasticity, not only helping to keep it wonderfully supple, but helping to prevent stretch marks. Sealing it with a balm, particularly around the bust, hips, thighs and bump itself, will help any itchiness caused by stretching and help replenish the skin. It can also be used post-birth to help your skin recover – it will even work on your baby’s skin, not only as a gentle moisturiser, but as a massage oil.

Equally, products with natural milk proteins like the Skin Nourishing Milk Bath also safely condition the skin with vitamins and minerals that may have become depleted throughout pregnancy. It will treat targeted problem areas, like dry elbows, knees and heels and again can be used on babies who experience cradle cap, as this delicate pH balancing milk helps to restore balance.
Help your skin perform this amazing task with enriching oils and nourishing milks that will keep you feeling your best throughout your pregnancy and beyond.
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*Disclaimer : Our Products, Results & Services may vary depending on different type of user.