Exclusive For Men

Over at Forever Me we have a huge selection for men, below is just a dedicated handful however more massages and treatments can be found on our Massages, Body Treatments & Exfoliation Pages. We also specialise in Microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation and slimming treatments that can be discovered over at our clinic and slimming pages.

  • Manicure – £10
  • Pedicure – £20
  • Eyebrow Shaping – £8
  • Full Chest Wax – £20
  • Full Back Wax – £20
  • Full Back and Full Chest Wax – £35
  • Half Chest Wax – £15
  • Half Back Wax – £15
  • Half Back and Half Chest Wax – £25
  • Full Arm Wax – £15
  • Upper Arm Wax – £10
  • Neck Wax – £8
  • Half Leg Wax – £15
  • Full Leg Wax – £20
  • Nose Wax – £6
  • Ear Wax – £6
  • Abdomen – £20
Extraction Facials / Body
Forever Me Facial

45 Mins £45

Double cleansing, tonifing, exfoliate, mini extraction, calming massage mask

Forever Me Deep Cleansing Extraction Facial

60 Mins £55

Face Peel, Steam & Extraction Concentration

Steaming And Extraction Of Black & White Heads

30 Minutes £35

1 Hour £65

Extractions take place after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and steamed, which helps soften up the plug of hardened sebum that makes up a blackhead. Followed by a soothing aftercare treatment.

Decléor Cleansing & Purifying Back Treatment

Decongests and brightens for a beautiful back

30 Minutes – £30

A facial for your back! Following our unique back diagnostic massage to relax and release blocked energy, a skin-brightening exfoliation re-oxygenates skin while targeting spots, blackheads and general congestion. Essential Oils and Plant Extracts help rebalance and control oil and moisture levels .Essential pre-wedding and holidays, it transforms skin to super-smooth and velvety to touch.

Male Face / Body
Decléor Men’s Express Energizing Face Treatment
Elemis Men’s Urban cleanse facial
Decléor Men’s Intensive Energizing Face Treatment
Decléor Men’s Intensive Energizing Body Treatment
Elemis Total time out for men (Face and Body)
Decléor Men's Deep Tissue Back and Shoulder Massage
Carita Deep Relaxing Massage -Back, Neck and Shoulder

*Disclaimer : Our Products, Results & Services may vary depending on different type of user.