Colour and Technical

All our colour services include luxury express treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny ,with immediate affects. Upgrade to a more luxury intense hair mask which can be added on as extra. All our colour services include Free Consultation


Full head high/low lights
Great for high impact blondes right through to soft multi tonal effects. Our team will work out the right balance so you look and feel amazing.
  • Short from £75
  • Junior Stylist from £55
  • Long from £90
  • Junior Stylist From £60

Half head high/low lights
  • Short from £60
  • Junior Stylist £42
  • Long from £70
  • Junior Stylist £46

Partial high/low lights
  • From £45
  • Junior Stylist £35

Scattered Foils
  • From £25


  • From £18

Time to Shine
  • Add a colour fresh to your blow dry to revitalise colour and Shine From £15
  • Full head permanent colour From £50 – Short £45
  • Full head permanent colour Junior Stylist from £35 – Junior Stylist Short £42
  • Re-Growth From £42 / Junior Stylist From £35
  • Hairline Tint From £25
  • Gloss Colour From £45
  • Just Blonde From £80 (includes toner)
  • Change of Colour From £55 and on quotation corrective colour that uses technique to transform your current look
Couture Colour
Elevate and illuminate your natural beauty to reach personalized colour perfection with Couture Colour Service’s, explore the superior products, for more information come and see one of our expert colourists for a consultation!

        • Illumina Colour Discover the global beauty phenomenon setting the new standard of luminous and healthy-looking hair colour From £58
        • Innosense Colour The longtivity coverage and vibrancy you expect from koleseton perfect with reduced risk of allergy comes formulated without PPD & PTD From £55
        • Colour id The Magic Additive, a break through in colour Innovation, brings a world without colourv limitations, our colour technician’s will create customized and artistic results with unique vision! price on quotation
        • Instamatic change your colour like you change your accessories! The new matte gloss for an on-trend, diffused colour finish and comes in six semi permanent shades!

Welcome to the revolution ! We are proud here at Forever Me to join in the hype of the latest innovative to hair which can be added to your colour to stop hair breakage in their tracks! Olaplex is a single active ingredient designed to reconnect the bonds in your hair.

Treatment £25


Ombre is the perfect low-maintenance beauty solution. It works for everyone, no matter what your base colour or hair length, and will give your colour that brightness and energy it’s been missing. It’s a carefree, low maintenance look that works for anyone and everyone. Check out some of our Ombre looks and get inspired before making your appointment. Balayage Is French for ‘sweep’. Great for people wanting feather fine accents in their hair with a natural result. From £75 on quotation

Treat & Condition Me
        • Express £5
        • Luxury £10
        • Kerastase ritual £20
        • Redken £15
        • Alterna caviar £28
        • Olaplex £25
        • Just Blonde £20

Nano keratin brazillian frizz free blow dry
Comes with nano keratin shampoo and conditioner frizz free Brazilian Nano keratin including sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. This intensive keratin based treatment will give you friz free hair and can last up to 4 months. The Nano Keratin system strives to met womans every day needs to keeping their hair healthy, enabling them to feel good, look their best, live life to the fullest.
        • Short from £120
        • Medium from £150
        • Long from £175

yuko permanent straightening system
The original, thermal straightening system that restructures the hair’s internal bonds to give permanently straight, smooth and shiny results. The special straightening process utilises collagen, silk proteins and keratin.

Prices on Consultation From £250

*All prices are based on length texture and thickness of the hair

*Disclaimer : Our Products, Results & Services may vary depending on different type of user.